Taba Rugs and Repair & Cleaning

status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-luxurious-taba-area-rug-status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-hykydoSultanabad Design Rugs:

Sultanabad rugs were exclusively made for the European market since mid 19th century. They often favoured bold floral designs with spacious patterned Rugs. All rugs and carpets from this period were exclusively made with pure natural dyes. Dark red, blue, soft green, gold, and ivory are the typical colors. Warps, foundation, and wefts are cotton. The pile is wool. The wool of the Sultanabad rugs is hand spun usually from the weaver’s own sheep. The rugs are woven using asymmetrical Turkish knots to tie each loop one by one. Besides using wide and bold borders, Sultanabad rugs had designs are based on small repeating floral patterns as well as all-over large scale lattice vine patterns. Sultanabad rug designers simplified the designs by creating a special work of art with unique character. Foreign companies around the world from India and Pakistan adopted a similar system, causing Sultanabad carpets to become carpets of high decorative value, even today by both interior designers and the discriminating collector. Sultanabads have great value in any condition, often favored for their bold floral designs with spacious patterns.

Bakhtiar Design Rugs:

Bakhtiar rugs are woven by the villagers and nomads of the central Iranian province of Chahar Mahal-and-Bakhtiar. They tend to be mostly geometric, colorful and bright with very crowded designs. They are woven using the symmetrical or Turkish knot. They vary in knot density. The quality varies from the coarser nomadic pieces to the finer Bibbibaf and Jahadbaff rugs. Old and antique Bakhtiar rugs are sought after and are rather rare collectors pieces. They are extremely durable rugs and harmonize well with both traditional and modern decor.

Persian rugs are renown for their longevity. Durable and resilient, they resist years of use. While it is common knowledge that age often makes fine rugs more beautiful, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their fine quality with proper care and attention – which includes a thorough cleaning performed on a regular basis.

– Rugs repaired by specialist who is repairing rugs for over 25 years
-We specialize in making frindges which are made from the same rug fibers
-Rugs repaired in the store.You can come and check while being repaired.
-Professional washing of wool rugs only.
-Rugs are washed according to dying, quality and age.